ICICI Customer Care Number Toll Free ICICI Customer care Email Address

By | October 9, 2017

ICICI Customer Care Number Toll Free

ICICI Customer Care Number Toll Free ICICI Customer care Email Address

ICICI customer care numbers are available here. If you are customer of ICICI and looking for ICICI Customer care number Toll free or ICICI Customer care Email Address , you have landed on right page and all details to ICICI Customer care number will be available here.

ICICI is a very well renowned name in India and one of the largest private sector bank in India. ICICI is a multinational bank and has operates in more than 15 countries like UAE, Mauritius etc. Only in India it has over 4500 Branches and 14000 ATM and provides excellent service to its customers.

ICICI provides services like Personal banking, Corporate banking, Home Loan , Car Loan , Personal Loan,Credit card, Travel card etc. ICICI is the most trusted name in India when it comes to private sector. It has also tied up with MNC for salary account of their employees and thus has huge customer base.

As ICICI is a service provider, hence good service is must to sustain in this tough industry. ICICI has provided various services for ease of its customers like Personal Internet banking, Corporate internet banking, ATM for cash withdrawal from Debit and Credit cards.

ICICI has also dedicated Customer care so that queries and complaints of their customers can be resolved and answered. We will share the complete list of customer care number on which ICICI customers can call.

ICICI Customer Care Numbers Toll Free

  • 18001024242 is ICICI customer care number for retail banking. This number is toll free and customers will not be charged for this call. This number is available from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 7 PM.
  • 18001038181 is ICICI customer care number for wealth banking. This number is also toll free and non chargeable. This number is available from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 7 PM.

ICICI has divided its branches into regions and provides dedicated customer care number for every regions. This is done so that customers can talk to ICICI customer care executives in local language . Also offers are services differs from region to region.

ICICI Customer Care Number Toll Free ICICI Customer care Email Address

ICICI Customer Care Numbers Region wise


Ahmedabad –  33667777/44455000 Chennai- 33667777 / 44455000
Andhra Pradesh –  7306667777 Chandigarh- 3366777 / 4445500
Jharkhand- 8102667777 Gurgaon- 3366777 / 4445500
Assam – 9864667777 Bangalore- 33667777 / 44455000
Karnataka- 8088667777 Hyderabad – 33667777 / 44455000
Bihar- 8102667777 Bhopal- 3366777
Delhi- 33667777/44455000 Lucknow- 3366777 / 4445500
Chattisgarh- 9098667777 Bhubaneswar- 3366777
Goa- 9021667777 Gujarat- 8000667777
Dehradun- 3366777 Haryana- 9017667777
Shimla- 3366777 Kolkata- 33667777 / 44455000
Himachal Pradesh- 9817667777 Orissa- 9692667777
Jammu & Kashmir- 9018667777 Ernakulam- 3366777
Rajasthan- 7877667777 Patna- 3366777
Jaipur- 3366777 / 4445500 Mumbai- 33667777 / 44455000
Kerala- 9020667777 West Bengal- 8101667777
Telangana- 7306667777 Ranchi- 3366777
Maharashtra- 9021667777 Madhya Pradesh- 9098667777
Tamil Nadu- 7305667777 Raipur- 3366777
Punjab- 7307667777 Panaji- 3366777
Uttar Pradesh- 8081667777 Uttarakhand- 8081667777

ICICI Customer Care Email Address

Another way to communicate with ICICI Customer care is through Email id . ICICI customers can drop mail to care@icicibank.com with your queries and you can expect response within 24 hours. ICICI customer care executives are very fast and accurate.

We have tried our level best to share correct and updated details for ICICI Customer care numbers.With above information any problem related to ICICI can be resolved. However if you need some other information you can contact us through comments section and we will revert shortly on same.

You can refer to our other articles for customer care number. Also you can bookmark our website for latest updates on customer care numbers.


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