Reliance Customer Care Number Reliance Broadband Data Card Numbers

By | August 1, 2017

Reliance Customer Care

Reliance Communication Customer Care Number Reliance Broadband Data Card Numbers

Reliance Communication is a telecom service provider in India. It is popularly knows as RCOM and part of Anil Ambani Group. If you are a Reliance Communication Customer and looking for Reliance Communication Customer care number of Reliance Broadband Data Card Numbers , you have landed on right page and all information related to Reliance Communication will be provided.

Reliance Communication was started with only CDMA service and it created havoc in market. At that point of time mobile phones costed around 5K and RCOM distributed phones in only 500 Rs. This was the major reason for RCOM success and very soon it had gathered huge customer base. Later RCOM started services with GSM and now Reliance Communication provide services like Prepaid Number, Postpaid Number, Internet Broadband,Reliance Net Connect etc.

Do not get confuse with Reliance Jio and Reliance Communication. Both are different companies and owned by Mukesh and Anil Ambani respectively. Reliance Jio was started in 2015 and it also created similar havoc in market as of RCOM.

Services for which RCOM Customer Number is required

  • Prepaid mobile recharge plans
  • Prepaid recharge
  • New Prepaid connection
  • New Postpaid connection
  • Inquiry of prepaid balance
  • Inquiry of postpaid bill
  • Change of postpaid plan
  • New Broadband connection
  • APN settings for mobile internet users
  • Change of broadband plan
  • Internet not working
  • Internet speed is not good
  • New Reliance net connect connection

Reliance Communication Customer care Number Prepaid & Postpaid

  • *222 is RCOM Customer care number for postpaid users. This number is available 24*7 . Kindly note call to this number is not free and you will be charged nominally for this number. This number is only reachable from RCOM number
  • *333 is RCOM Customer care number for prepaid users. This number is also available 24*7 .Call to this number is also chargeable. This number is only reachable from RCOM number
  • 30333333 is RCOM National Customer care number and can be called from any telecom operator. You need to prefix city code in this number while calling . Call to this number is chargeable and not free.
  • 198 is RCOM Toll free customer care number for both prepaid and postpaid customers. There are no charges for this call but you should dial this number only from Reliance Comunication Number


Reliance Communication Customer Care Number Reliance Broadband Data Card Numbers

RCOM Customer care Email ID is RCOM Customer care EMAIL id for your queries and issues. EMAIL id is alternate way to reach customer care. All you need to do is drop a mail to this id from your personal email and RCOM Customer care executive will reply back in 24 hours .

Reliance Broadband Data Card Numbers

  • 180030007773/0223033 7777 are Reliance communication Broadband Data card helpline numbers and can be called from any telecom operator. These are dedicated helpline numbers for broadband.
  • *377 is also RCOM Broadband Data Card helpline number but can be dialed only from RCOM numbers

Reliance Communication Customer Care Number Circle wise

Every number for RCOM is tagged to a local circle and if you are a RCOM customer then you can call to your local Reliance Communication Customer Care Number for your circle. Here is the complete list of RCOM circle wise numbers.

Reliance Communication Customer Care Number RCOM Circle
9827198271 Chattisgarh
9827098270 Madhya Pradesh
9835198351 Jharkhand
9835098350 Bihar
9863098635 Arunachal Pradesh
9861098610 Orissa
9832098320 West Bengal
9832098320 Sikkim
9817098170 Himachal Pradesh
9863098633 Nagaland
9883098830 Kolkata
9863098631 Tripura
9863098630 Meghalaya
9863098632 Manipur
9863098634 Mizoram
9864098640 Assam

RCOM Netconnect Customer Care Number & EMAIL id

  • 180030007777/180030005555 is dedicated number for RCOM Netconnect Customer care number.
  • is email id for RCOM Netconnect customer care.

We have tried our level best to share correct and updated details for RCOM Customer care number. With above information any problem related to RCOM can be resolved. However if you need some other information you can contact us through comments section and we will revert shortly on same.

You can refer to our other articles for customer care number of most of the service provider companies. Also you can bookmark our website for latest updates on customer care numbers.


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