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By | October 14, 2017

Uber India Customer Care

Uber India Customer Care Toll Free and Email Address

Uber is a transport service company based out of United states of America. User can book a Uber cab using Uber mobile application and cab will reach at their door step. Uber operates in more than 60 countries across globe. Uber started its operations in India in 2013 and has grown exponentially. Uber is facing direct competition from Ola cabs in India.

Uber is very reliable and comfortable . They always come up with new services to better customer experience. However they have been in news for wrong reasons also due to their drivers. We will share you list of Uber India Customer Care toll free and Email address for resolving the issues and answer to customer query. Uber is very pocket friendly and hence becoming very popular. Just Like UBER Their is also a local Indian Company which is also providing Taxi Service and the Company Name Is OLA Cabs.

Ola cabs customer care information is available in below article. Click to read.

Ola Customer Care Number 24* Support Helpline Number Email Id

Issues/Queries for which Uber India Customer Care can be contacted

  • Customer can’t update mobile or email
  • How do customer set a payment method as default
  • Updating a payment method on customer account
  • Payment with cash
  • Customer forgot his password
  • Customer password reset link is not working
  • Customer want to reactivate his account
  • Customer has outstanding payment
  • Why was customer payment declined
  • How is driver rating determined?
  • Customizing customer invite code
  • Customer is not receiving receipts or emails
  • Email, SMS, and push notification management
  • Setting up a business profile
  • Delete customer business profile
  • Delete customer Uber account
  • Updating customer account settings
  • Pending charge on my payment account
  • Why was customer receipt updated
  • Customer is charged twice
  • Customer account has been hacked

For Flip kart customer care details, please visit below link.

Flipkart Customer Care Number- Flipkart Helpline Number

Uber Customer Care Toll Free

Unfortunately there are no dedicated customer care number for India however there are some support International numbers which can be contacted. Below we will provide other ways to contact Uber India Customer care number.

  • 18665761039 is Uber International customer care number for technical support. If you are facing any issue with Uber app this number can be contacted.
  • 14159862104 is Uber International customer care number for corporate users. Uber provides services for corporate also and has dedicated support number for same
  • 8443265774 is Uber Emergency number. This can be contacted in cases like accident etc.

Uber India Customer Care Toll Free and Email Address

Uber India Customer care Email Address

Another way to communicate with Uber India Customer care is through email . Customers can drop mail to below mentioned email address and you will be replied very soon . Uber Customer care executives are very fast. In today’s generation mail is a better way to communicate if it is not very urgent. UBER Customer Care Toll Free Numbers are Available Here as well as On the Official Portal Of UBER.

  • support@uber.com
  • supporthyderabad@uber.com
  • supportjaipur@uber.com
  • supportdelhi@uber.com
  • supportbangalore@uber.com

As mentioned above there is no separate contact number for India support but Uber has dedicated email address for India and its major cities.

Also Uber customers can go to Help section of Uber application or Uber website. Uber application is available on android, iOS, windows and blackberry

We have tried our level best to share correct and updated details for Uber India Customer care numbers.With above information any problem related to Uber India can be resolved. However if you need some other information you can contact us through comments section and we will revert shortly on same.

You can refer to our other articles for customer care number. Also you can bookmark our website for latest updates on customer care numbers for all service providers.


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126 thoughts on “Uber Customer Care Number- Uber Helpline Number- Uber Helpline

  1. Neha saha

    I have charged double with my ride wid uber I seem to pay 153 bt paid 345. I have complained at 11:30 am 2 may 2017 yet not received any rply from uber.

    1. Abs

      Please go to “Your Trips” and click on “I would like a refund”.
      Then select your issue – I was overcharged. Your money would be refunded.

    2. Christopher f pariath I

      This is third time I am getting charged extra ₹53; ₹70, ₹ 72 .This is absolutely rong and unbearable .I am leaving uber taxi for good…. Christopher

  2. Manish

    Totally fraoud with senior citizen patient.
    I have booked a taxi for aiims delhi to greater noida.
    After reaching the destination driver cheated and taken extra charge.
    What should i do….
    Can i complain to cyber cell or consumer for uber?

  3. D K KALRA

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your response. In fact , I had tried UBER services only once before. It was the driver who had expressed his inability /reluctance to come for pick up. He was stationed near Krishna Mandir which is approx. 0.5 km from my residence. He only suggested that I cancel booking. This was a long time ago. Thereafter I NEVER TRIED UBER SERVICE on account of this experience. Hence the cancellation chargs are not justified as a matter of principle.
    Yesterdays driver was good and his response was also Good. I have no complaints against him. In fact if the total fare had been more , I would not have objected. It is the earlier driver who refused to come, who needs to be penalised.
    Please look into it and register my PROTEST at this wrong and injudicious charge.

  4. Francis

    Very worst service… we have board the cab around 10.15pm today from central railway station Chennai.But the driver has taken one long route instead of easy route and it’s almost 3 or 4 km extra for us and we end up in paying 378.99 rupees… and the driver response is too bad… very disappointed with uber.

  5. kavitha

    I HV been charged for cancellation which I never cancelled… The driver himself cancelled the ride…I need my refund of 50 rs

  6. kavitha

    I z charged for cancellation which the diver himself cancelled

    1. Manoj

      No there would not be charged …..if it is by driver ..

  7. Sai

    Dear Uber,

    I received a FLAT25 coupon on applying this I can travel till 12kms within Hyderabad city and pay only 25 INR.
    I applied this coupon and booked an Uber. Driver cancelled the trip by himslef as he was irritated with pickup point.
    Later I was charged 53 rupees which is insane. Why should I pay the charge when driver cancelled the trip.

    Main thing is that, why my coupon is not applicable as I did not use it any time – this make me wonder for the cheap tricks played by Uber. If there are no offers do not provide but if you have given us an offer you must provide it.

    Do the need immediately !!

    Frustrated customer,

    1. avinash

      Today I booked uber am was waiting for 1/2 hr. But uber was not on location and when I call him. he told “aap ko uber book Karen aata kai Kay ” is the way to talk the costumer the uber person was so arrogant & he bang the call and unfortunately I have to cancel the ride and I have been fine Rs. 60 /- for his miss behavior . I really don’t like the way did uber drivers do.they don’t even come on time so of that we cancelled the ride and u fine Rs60/- dis is no worth.

  8. Prasanna Kumar jain

    My uber app is not working while entering my mobile no it tell me please visit to uber.com

  9. John

    I was charged Rs63 by a stupid uber driver in Delhi who cancelled the cab by himself without my notice. This penalty is unfair and should be removed immediately because some lazy fraud punk uber drivers are taking advantage of it. They cancel the taxi at any time and finally the innocent passengers will be billed. Uber should do something about this criminal acts by their lazy drivers

  10. Sai praneeth

    Waste service dont even respond to mails but they know how to steal money illegally

  11. Leon

    I use Uber internationally and when I arrived in India on 2April 2017. I tried to book a ride, but Uber was block due to outstanding amount from South Africa. 25 ZAR. I had to add this to the ride before I could continue to book the ride.
    But this didnt clear the outstanding amount. Every time I book a uber car I have to now pay this 25ZAR.
    Can you assist to clear this from my Uber account and refund me for the over charge amount for the past 12 rides. From 2 April 17

  12. Vijayalakshmi

    I am unable to use my offers while booking uber drive online… how to apply the offer while booking

  13. kishan

    i have lost all my previous ride amount details . i have updated the uber app . now i cant see any of my previous rides details . please help me with it ..

  14. Chowdary Panguluri

    Hi Uber,

    I need trip bills from 7th and 8th 14th of this month.

    Can you please provide me ASAP. can you please provide me in below mail id.

    MY details:

    Chowdary Panguluri


  15. Dilip

    When i was booking the ride ,it shows 29rs only because of flat 29 offer was there but once i ended the ride they charged 90rs..
    At the time of booking surge was not showing but after final bill 1.3x surge got applied.
    They are cheating with the customer s…
    Very dissatisfied with the uber…

    1. sailaja

      Same with my case and they claim that what ever they have done is right.
      Pl sue this company imedtly. will have to post in media

  16. Suvrat Aggarwal

    I am suvrat aggarwal from delhi, i want to bring to your notice that i had a horrifying experience with your cab company. Today (17/05/017) afternoon my mother booked an uber cab from vaishali to ip extension, the car number HR55AA2082(white wagonR) arrived them to pick them. The driver “Naushad” was no less than an arrogant driver. My mother asked to increase the temperature of AC as it was hot outside to which the driver replied that it cannot be increased. My mother urged one more time to which the driver arrogantly replied that he owns 25 cars in the company and he stopped the car and asked my mother to step out. This is not acceptable by a company like uber. Uber should provide their services with ease and more manners to be precise. The drivers should have a basic sense of responsibilty when they are driving with women. They cant ask any woman to step out midway.
    I firmly request uber to take an action against this driver and let him know the importance of customers and his responsibilty towards women.
    Driver details are as follows:
    Name: Naushad
    Car: WagonR (white)
    Car number: HR55AA2082
    Contact Number of Driver: +91 9910724801

    I again put pressure on the company to take an against this driver to set an example for other drivers. I will wait for a reply from the company.

  17. Jayaram

    Not able to login to my account.
    Many complaints on deaf ears.
    Please look in to this issue

  18. Raj

    Yesterday night I booked uber but my driver came with different vehicles 7285 in place 6923
    I complain to uber and Mr. Ahmed callled on driver’s mobile I told him everything about incident
    Now today morning I am unable to open my uber app

    1. Yuva vaishnavi

      Such a rough speaking drivers r in uber surely I’m going to file a complaint in consumer court I’ve all the video proofs how rough they speak with the passengers

  19. op chaudhary

    i read many times fraud in uber thrs why i didn’t prefer uber ride can u stop this fraud by using OTP like ola cabs thn no will suffer and i m sure all frauds completely stop i hope u will take suitable action regarding these frauds as soon as possible

  20. swapnil

    on booking time uber app shows RS.132 only & after comlete the ride it shows RS 228.20 how can is possible. Also the driver take more time. it was totaly unexcepted by Uber.

  21. Ajay

    Location Services turned off.. What is this issue? I have not changed my settings and this message appeared on my screen.

    Due to this I am unable to book a cab.

    Please help.


  22. Ashwin

    Wen I booked the 6seater I got a mesg on the app to say FAILED and after 10mins I get a call frm driver I’m waiting meanwhile I had taken care of Transp told him to cancel and the driver insisted me to cancel trip wen I did I got charged 159, this is my first time in Uber great service, good I came to know at the beginning zero mistake from my end and I cannot book my next uber. Thank you it’s an amazing technology u have to fool people.


  23. sharmila chandigarch

    Driver’s behavior is very very bad. He refused to change the route as I wanted. He abuse me very badly and drop me in the middle of way. Drivers is very unprofessional . He have no manners to talk a lady. It was a very dangerous and unsafe situation. I am going to register fir against driver and your company. Your company have no help line number for any complaint from customer side. I will take action against your company and driver both. Your unprofessional driver can harm any lady. It’s very bad experience. Sorry but I have to take legal action against your company and driver both.

  24. Nagarjuna Mummidi

    Hi Team,

    I had booked a cab for my parents today around 3:20 PM .
    Had an issue with the Uber driver.
    He didn’t get to the place where i told him to and on top of that he was very rude to my parents and also had a verbal spat with them. I am very upset with this an i want you to take appropriate action against the driver.
    I hope i will be hearing from you soon regarding this or else i would like to escalate this issue further.
    I have provided my email id as well , i hope ill get a proper response.


  25. Sekat

    Sir, we booked uber to airport by 6am, but a car came from uber and dropped at airport 7.20am and paid, so kindly cancell the amount due in my account. Thanking you.

  26. Rajat Burnwal

    I am a mumbai uber partner and I want to know the current incentive scheme given by the uber team for mumbai region. Kindly help me with the same and leave a reply as soon as possible.





  28. Rehan

    i had already paid for the ride to the driver but still it says in the app that you have to paid for your previous ride
    this is disgusting please contact me as soon as possible i even have the reciept

  29. P Choudhary

    The Price for Travelling is More Than the expectation. If We will Travel 2.2 Km Then It shows in uber Apps Rs 151 In Visakhapatnam . But It should be around Rs 50-60 Then only people can Travel Easily.

    My request is.. … It should be some Less amount.

  30. Mohamed wasim

    i missed my wallet in uber chennai i contact the driver number but he didn’t pick my call hw can i contact him

  31. aditi mondal

    hello sir i am aditi,today(23/05/2017)i booked a cab but when i wrote my address ….in the booking purposes there are not mention my adress properly…..so i chose the adress which wrote on the uber app site……….the problem is the UBER driver refuse to come my exact location………….and then charges 60 rupees without riding……………

  32. debashis

    Dear sir/mam
    I am debashis biswas from kolkata.i have a uber account,me and my family take minimum 250 ride on this account(last year). my last ride at 02/21/2017 after that i cant take any ride from this account. please please please
    solve this problem…and please at list reply me what happening .because last 3 month i was try to contact uber support

  33. , 9422822224

    On 24.05.2017 at about 9 am I booked a cab from Hotel Radisson, Khardi Road for Koregaon Park in Pune. But surprisingly a cab in Koregaon Park got the message although I was standing at Khardi. Then I realized that GPS was not on. Then I Cancelled the trip. But when I re booked the cab, I had paid extra Rs. 64. My objection is at the time of booking why alert was not flashed for GPS and how booking was done on the basis of my previous location?

    1. RMD

      I erroneously given my mobile number instead of Name. Please remove my mobile number immediately as I am receiving number of calls as if this is a customer care number.

  34. Sreelekha Panda

    Actually in my last booking in rubber I have given 208 rupees in a pop rock . Afterthat when I tried for booking it shows you have not given money.. buti have given to driver.Its my journey from shared dibakar Marg , Bhubaneswar to Rajdhani Engineering College,bhubaneswar.From that day I dnt have any interes to use Uber.Today I don’t find any cab.Thats why go for Uber.

  35. Sreelekha Panda

    Kindly go through whatever it may be.why I will again give money.

  36. Dhiraj Singh

    Today I book Uber from my home address to Howrah railway station, I book Uber x economy. The charge was showing in the screen is 176, but the driver had taken money 278 rs. And he said your 100 is due in Uber. I always prefer cash method in uber. Chor company. If need More cash take from us don’t charge high from screen. Car no WB-19h-8724 driver name sharique

  37. Dheer

    Worst service by drivers , not charging according to uber laws, after reaching the customer, they turned off mobile and demands their own charges, A customer in emergency is helpless. The drivers are not following the rules of company and taking undue benefits.Requested to educate the drivers properly, if they don’t abide the rules let the drivers expelled from there services , my dear in India peoples never adopt honesty. Give a hard training to drivers to be honest, unless and otherwise haraam ka paisa haraam mien hi jata hai, thanku, Jaihind,Jai Bharat

  38. Akanksha Mishra

    I have been overcharged by a driver for the trip I didn’t cancelled . The driver himself cancelled the trip. I want my refund otherwise I will file a case against this fraud.

  39. Mohammad ismail

    I cancelled first driver , it will pay extra RS:50 from me

  40. Isha

    This uber driver is indecent and rude and on top of it he denied putting AC in cab for uber pool
    This is the worst service best is ola
    And u don’t have a number to complaint on this wow when ur driver is rude and also uber has maximum number is drivers being molesters and all wow

  41. BHARAT




    I am not in receipt of the invoice through email even though I use business profile. Please advise.

  43. Swaminathan

    Today, 29th May, 20017, I booked an uber car. The time was around 2.50 pm in the afternoon. A car was marked. But the driver said he had to have his lunch in a hotel. I said I was prepared to wait. I waited for nearly 30 miinutes. But he did’n turn up. I couldn’t reach him again by phone.
    Name of : Swaminathan
    Time of booking : About 2.50 p.m. Date: 29 May, 2017
    Pick up point: Jayabharatham street, Kodambakkam, chennai
    Destination : Adayar signal, chennai.
    I rebooked and another uber driver responded and I could perform the journey and reach my destination in time

  44. Sunil

    Drivers account has been closed and no proper answer is given

  45. Sravani

    I booked a cab 4 times..but 4 times driver has cancelled the cab.. for that cancellation Uber has charged double pay for me twice..if driver canceled the ride means y I should pay for cancellation charge? how could I reach to Uber customer care??

  46. Sravani

    Rude uber drivers..stoped the ride in the middle of the road that too in the early morning.. worst service..I will uninstall app..

  47. Richa

    I booked uber driver named maroof maruti ritz dl9687,when i booked the cab the fare was 49 in uber pool but after reaching destination he charged 91 and infact uber customer care is also worst because customer care people uses word like”aukat” to deal with customers.uber you ahould stop your services of making fool customers and charging unnecessary amount.

  48. Manjeet Sengar

    uber trip dabel carge100 rupis axetra regular customer

  49. Arvind Yadav


    I am not getting bills post rides on my mail. Request you to please send the same.

  50. Manisha

    I booked the cab and it showed that driver will reach in 03 minutes however when I called him to know his location he said 30 minutes which is unbelievable to me, also driver spoke nonsense to me. Awful service! This is the second time happened to me. Surely will not use your service if serious action not be taken

  51. Nilesh Thakkar

    Hello Uber,

    I need the urgent help of your team.

    Today Morning, My Friend booked a cab for me from Ujala to dev Prime.

    Driver Started Trip from where he is coming and he forced me to give that money.

    Kindly contact me as soon as possible.

    Driver name: Tushar
    Car Num: GJ01ET3676

  52. sandeep gupta

    yesterday i booked an uber from churchgate mumbai to cst mumbai which is hardly 3 to 5 km and it charged 300/ rupees pls clarify

  53. Brundha

    I raised an issue two days back through Uber app under HELP MENU, regarding the below Promotion code on applying, doesn’t work for my trips. unfortunately, the promocode expires today and i still havnt received any reply from Uber. Very bad customer support from Uber. Totally disappointed with their service!!

    Actual message recieved from Uber : Dear rider, use code RIDECHN to unlock Rs.40 off your next 6 uberGO rides in Chennai Valid till 11th June 2017.

  54. subhasis lahiri

    the Concerned ,

    report of criminal intent of Uber Driver

    On 13.06.2017 , my family traveled from Sector 31, Gurgaon to New Delhi railway station by Ubder Cab No DL1ZB1854 , driver mobile no 9716561415 / 8459501115 , the driver was criminal and in the complete travel did every act to delay and take wrong road .
    Not only that asked my family to cancel the ride , otherwise he will not travel.
    My family was from Kolkatta , and in hurry to catch train , they did not cancel the trip .
    You take police action against the driver immedily.


  55. Pragya Arya

    This is regarding my trips from UBER. I have concern regarding my two trips:
    1. 11th June 2017 1:00 PM from SJR verity, central Jial road Bangalore to Oceanus Triton Bellandur: The projected amount was 62 and I have been charged 119 rs. 57rs I have been charged extra.
    2. 13th June 2017 6:28 PM from SJR verity central Jial road Bangalore to Devi Eye clinic Bangalore: The projected amount was 67 rs and I have been charged 104 rs. 37 rs I have been charged extra.
    I have sent so many messages on UBER app, but I am not getting any reply and resolution from UBER. Since last month I am facing this kind of problem. The last option which I left is to complain in consumer court/forum.

    Please resolve the issue ASAP.


  56. Nath

    Who all are posted their problems here those are simply fools. Because the UBER company is false and fraud company and cheating their customers intentionally. How many replies you got from UBER for your queries? They won’t answer as it is cheating company. Other wise they provide Customer Care number to solve their customer problems. They won’t talk directly to customers but they want money from customers. We all fools who are using UBES cabs. Thats it.

  57. Gaurita

    I was a very loyal customer/rider with Uber. But,this is the first time i have got not bad but worst experience with Uber. Once i had competed a ride with selecting card as an option. Later,when i booked a next ride i selected cash and i paid the current as well as last trip charges. But , later which ever ride i was booking it was asking me to pay the 1st outstanding balance. In this way i paid almost thrice and without which i was not able to book any rides. I was feeling very angry and felt never to use Uber again and delete the App but i want my money back. Because of this i had to download Ola which is a bad brand name to Uber being an international company. The updated app is BAKWAS and has many issues. Give me my money back…………

    Contact me asap.

  58. Priti

    Please provide the Uber customer care no delhi
    And Kindly provide the information of uberpool.

  59. Anu

    Your driver lied me on sunday 11.06.2017 i had booked a cab and your driver said he was at cine max and that he was at the disternation which was not the one i had requested.the driver was very rude due to which i cancelled my trip and booked again but i was charge Rs60 to cancel the earlier booking which was not my fault.i would like to request you to please refund my Rs 60 .the noumber Through which i had booked was

  60. Nil

    I had booked the uber rides. Due to mistake of drivers now uber has charged me 60rs for cancelation of ride.

  61. Sarfaraz Mansuri

    Date- 18-6-17 ko Civil Hospital to Dariyapur aaya. Taxi vale ne mere pass se 49 rs. ke badle 112 rs. liye aur kaha ke pehle ke kuch pending he. magar ye galat he mujhe reply do aur balance back do

  62. Neelaram

    June 21, 2017
    I have left my mobile in the Car – Swift Travelling from Perkaranai – Police Station Perungaluthr to Kolathur Drop
    I could not contact the driver, since all the details are in the mobile
    When I tried my mobile no it say mobile has been switched off.
    How to track further – No Toll free no for Chennai .

  63. ashwani maini

    ThiZz iZz thrd tym..i am getting charged extra ..wid uber I seem to pay 49 bt paid 89 ..i hve complained at 4:43 pm 21 june 2017 yet nt received any reply frm uber..thiZz is tottaly worg n fake uber site ..i hate dat nd cant ride any more in uber ..i really hate it ??

  64. Trupti

    Not able to login to my account.
    Many complaints on deaf ears.
    Please look in to this issue

  65. Vinayak



  66. narenkumar

    My last trip with driver Dinesh. He is a in professional and dirty behaviour. Completely ac off to my pickup to destination I think this type of driver not sute on uber

  67. Shameer T S

    Dear sir
    My name shameer.I took one ride through uber on 11th June 2017 from Delhi Airport to symbol hotel.Still now i didnt received that bill .Kindly help.

  68. Amit singh

    Dear sir I had booked cab and my fare was 69 but I had pay 132 pls explain this why it happened .

  69. Suvojyoti das

    I am receiving promo codes via sms but the same cannot be applied please help error shows promo code not valid.

    Please note I cannot add any promo codes

  70. Sreeparna Sen

    My uber app is showing a pending bill of Rs 219 for a tripfrom Pathakpara Road to Gariahat on 11/6/2017 although it was PAID in full to the driver by cash payment.
    Due to this issue i could not book any ride and kept complaining however nothing happened .
    Today I had booked an uber pool . I was supposed to pay Rs .96 but it has charged me Rs.315.
    Uber India service has been very dissappointing ..as there is no result even after online complain.
    I need an immediate refund of this extra payment Rs.219 or else stop using uber

  71. Gautham Prabhu

    Unable to Book cabs from yesterday as I am not getting any option like “from & to” . I tried uninstalling & re installation of app even then same issue. Kindly reply back to my email soon. I want to book cab today.

  72. Megha Rathi

    I m overcharged by uber…can u plz give me the customer car number??

  73. TA

    Nightmare Uber ride

    This is with reference to my earlier complaint lodged with Uber via its mobile app on Friday, 14th July (14/7/2017), regarding my ride from Kasavukada/Church Landing Road, Pallimukku, Kochi, Kerala to Olive Heights, Kadavanthra, Kochi, Kerala with the driver named Renjith (as per the Uber app records) on Wednesday, 12th July (12/7/2017) at around 1.40/1.50 am in the morning.

    The fare of the Uber ride (Tuesday, 11/7/2017) previous to the above-mentioned Uber ride was approx Rs.60-70. I paid the same by cash even though it was a non-cash ride. Hence, I was surprised to find the already paid fare of Rs.60-70 added to the fare of the next Uber ride (Wednesday, 12/7/2017). I had pointed out this error to the driver (Mr.Renjith) about this extra billing before boarding his cab. I had clearly mentioned to the driver (Mr.Renjith) that i will pay only the fare of his ride (Rs.70-80) and not the extra fare (Rs.60-70) of my previous ride which had already been paid by me to the previous driver in cash, as explained above. Mr.Renjith, the driver of my Uber ride (Wednesday, 12/7/2017) nodded in agreement and said “Ok”.

    Upon reaching my destination at Olive Heights, Kadavanthra, Kochi, the driver (Mr.Renjith) pretended to not understand English and insisted on me to pay the extra fare as well. I mentioned that I would be only paying the fare (Rs.70-80) of his ride but not the extra fare of the previous Uber ride (Rs.60-70) which has already been paid by me. He reacted angrily to my polite statement. I then told him politely to contact Uber and sort it out. He instead told me very rudely to contact Uber or go to hell. I again explained to him patiently & politely that it is better if he contacted Uber because I am making the payment for his fare but he is not accepting it since he wants my previous fare as well which has been added to his fare by the Uber app.

    He then said that being a localite, he will not let an outsider like me get away alive without paying the total fare. He was trying to take advantage of the fact that the street was deserted as it was very late in the night and I was an outsider not conversant with the local language. On realising that I am not willing to relent to this late-night extortion, he threatened me of causing physical harm and tried to lock the doors of the car to prevent my exit. Furthermore, he intimidated and shouted that he will not let me exit the car till the Uber office opens at 7.00 am. I somehow got out of the car and started moving towards my hotel. He came behind me and again threatened me with physical violence. I stood my ground and told him that I have his car number and that if he tries to harm me, I will make a police complaint and they will trace him based on his car number.

    This made him scared and to avoid being accused of misbehaviour, and taking advantage of the fact that i am new to the city and not conversant with the local language, he went away claiming that he himself is coming with the cops. I guess his purpose was to show that he had a connection with the cops, and also to make me believe that his earlier dangerous threats of physical harm and his attempts to lock me in the cab will be easily overlooked by the cops even if I lodge a complaint with the cops.

    I was shocked by his total lack of fear of the law and his implicit confidence in getting away by fooling the cops. It seems his confidence was due to the fact that he was friendly with a constable on patrol duty. He called this particular constable on the phone as he was on patrol. But, luckily, there was a police inspector in the police jeep to whom I explained the whole issue. The driver (Mr. Renjith) then fooled the cops and me by his sudden change of manners and told us that the extra fare added in his fare/bill will be reimbursed to me by Uber in the next ride.

    Therefore, I finally paid the extra fare as well, but the extra fare was not adjusted by Uber in my next fare as claimed by Mr.Renjith (the driver). And neither has Uber reimbursed this extra fare in any manner till date.

    Now, based on the above Uber ride experience, my question to the Uber management (especially its corporate communications, consumer affairs & legal teams) are the following:

    1) Has Uber authorised its drivers to threaten its passengers with physical violence for an issue that was caused by a faulty Uber app in the first place.

    2) Has Uber given the right to their drivers to confine its passengers in the car till the unreasonable payment claimed by the driver is made by the passenger.

    3) Has Uber given the right to its driver to continue being persistently rude & disrespectful to the passenger who is politely explaining him about the issue.

    4) Do Uber drivers have no fear of penalty from the Uber management, since the driver blatantly threatened me with physical violence and confined me in his cab even after I mentioned that I will complain to Uber management about this shocking behaviour / incident?

    As a professional and international company, I was expecting your reply within the next 24 hrs but it has been more than a week and still there has been not a single response from your side. Nevertheless, it is my legal duty to inform/warn you that the delay of each day from your side in replying to my official complaint is making my case stronger by the day.

    Also, kindly let me know the action being taken on the driver, so that such rowdy behaviour from your drivers is not allowed to become worse and end up as ghastly criminal conduct.

    Your customers/passengers expect Uber to be safe based on its tall claims about its driver verification & driver penalty protocol. I am being told that such shocking incidents regarding Uber drivers is on the rise unlike in the past. Truly, the media is full of similar and much worse reports of criminal conduct of your vetted and verified drivers.

    So, please do not treat this as an isolated incident and give me the usual standard reply with ineffective and superficial words just to pacify me. If any action has been taken on my complaint lodged with you (Uber) via its mobile app on Friday, 14th July (14/7/2017), as mentioned at the outset, then I would appreciate a detailed action taken report from your side. You can email me at

    Also, do let me know what are our rights as an Uber customer, and whether we have any other options for redressal regarding this scary experience of blatant violation of customer safety & security, apart from highlighting in the media & social media.

    Considering the total lack of any type of response from your side, I guess Uber feels that it is above all consumer protection & safety laws of the land. It seems that Uber has been emboldened by the fact that it has gotten away with such transgressions in the past. Nevertheless, as a media person, I will not only try my best to make this incident viral to raise awareness about this hidden and grave threat to passenger security, but also highlight it in the appropriate media & consumer forums. The next logical step would be to seek legal opinion from legal activists and consumer courts.

    Uber never stops brandishing its egalitarian policies and I fully appreciate it. So, I hope that Uber would also appreciate the fact that I am doing all this for the common good just like Uber. And in the bargain if this ever becomes a PR nightmare for Uber, then I guess it is a small consolation for the actual nightmare of an Uber ride that I had in the early hours of 12th July 2017.

  74. Ruchika

    In my trip the location is not exactly where i want to reach so i give the nearest location.  The amount is 49. When i reached at my desired location ur driver said the amount is 94. which is beyond my expectations. I have paid 49 as i paid for the previous rides at this location at the same offer. Such a bad experience at this time. May be in future there will be no trip with u.

  75. Mukul Chaurasia

    Today I booked an uber around 11 am for my office, 15 mins was the time for driver to arrive at my place, I called him twice first it was around 11:10 am he said he will be arriving around 11:25 am and then again I called him around 11:25 am he said it will take another 10 mins to arrive, he didn’t turn up, so when I was calling for the third time driver number was switched off, till 12 I waited but nobody responded. Ideally some other cab should have been arranged for me, but no other options were available, even customer care number was also not responding, and then I took an auto to reach my destination.
    This is the second time I am facing this experience with such a big MNC, in this competitive world this kind of customer service the company is giving such an experience.
    Makes me wonder….does uber really need customer and business??
    Are they really serving and giving the assured quality as they claim to??
    Or is it only about fooling genuine people?
    What if it is a medical emergency?
    Definitely not accepted…..such a shame n poor service….
    At the end of the day the so called customer care and service does not respond……..
    Let’s see what action company will be taking to make the customer experience better.

  76. Manish Narang


    I have booked a shared Uber from Soami Nagar to Hauz khas Metro station yesterday and the total fare displayed on my Mobile was Rs 49.

    But when i reached the destination, driver asked me to pay Rs 199.74. That was a shocker for me. This much amount for 2 -3 Km distance and moreover 49/- was displayed on my mobile till the time driver stopped the ride.

    This is a pure loot and we can not expect from a company like Uber. I am a daily user of Uber and this is so strange happened to me today. This is not acceptable at all.

    You are requested to check the transaction and refund my Rs 150 in order to maintain the trust on Uber that we have since so many years.

  77. M N Balakrishnan Nair

    Sunday 6.33 PM
    I waited for 30 min. we have given him all direction but he did not come and finally canceled
    Today Saturday (22nd July the driver wasted my time waited for 20 minute where he was to pick me up with in one minute
    Both were TATA Indica He was not able to come to Cambridge road 4th cross, does not know Frank Anthony School, does not know Lourd church, or Jain Apartment. how he could drive in Bangalore
    There are drivers who come here without any prompting


    I forgot my password and i think i am not sync my email id with uber. I tried many times to reset but it shows number in use. I need a help immediately

  79. Juhi

    I forgot my phone on Uber cab I am trying to contact you people but I can’t reach you can u please trace my last trip and get me the contact number of my driver
    As soon as possible


    Dear sir,
    The rud behavior with the driver i have faced on 07.09.2017 at 07.15hrs from shamshabad airport to nallagadala,Serilligampally,the driver has made me pay by cash Rs 200 at the airport toll gate instead of me telling him several times that i am a regular traveller by Uber from airport,still he used vulgar language and forced me to pay as i do not want to argue and waste my valuable time as i have to go the citizen hospital as my uncle is getting operated. Kindly look in to the matter and pay me back my money and take necessary action against the Driver and get bad name to Uber family as i have a very good faith on Uber cabs.
    Thank you
    BHIMANADAM MURALI (9985917688)

  81. Niyati Shah

    Pathetic customer support. I have been contacting them for account login issue via registered email as well as app ‘help’ . They just keep asking for same details ans then dont do anything further.. totally annoying support !!!!

  82. Arun

    Yesterday that is 26.09.2017 booked Uber at 20.57 from jayanagar 2 block , driver did not turned up for 20 minutes and later i got message as money not paid .

    1. Driver : Srinivasa

    2. Car : Tata Indica

    3. Amount To be paid as per Uber Message : INR 43 ( Repeating car did not arrive ) Finally i took OLA and reached home.

    4. UBER services are honestly not safe and bad .

    5. Better use OLA better option compared with UBER

  83. tenzin

    one of the worst thing about uber is that they let u believe that we r riding a car comfortably without going through all the trouble of bargaining or arguing with regular drivers…but the real fact is that uber drivers have managed to dupe innocent customers through various nefarious ways…let me share u my own anecdote…infact this has happened to me five times now. my last uber driver after arriving at my location asked me about my destination…after hearing my response he just went past my location…and when i callex him to stop since he was moving away from my place he lied by saying he was trying to find a better place to park his car…after a while, even though i didnt cancelled my ride i was asked to pay 42 rupees on top of my next ride ..the reason being that the driver has waited far too long for my arrival …this is how these bastard drivers try to dupe customers by making them pay for something they have absolutely nothing to do with…uber should make more rules to freeze these sorry ass filthy drivers! !!!!!

  84. Sakina

    I had register myself on the uber account. And now entering my mobile number they asking me toh otcat to uber.com . U had not make a single booking nothing . Not even use my account once .

    They dony have customer care number to whom we can contact .
    Suchh pain for uber rides.

    Please provide thenumber for customer care.



    I am just shocked by your service. On 06.10.2017, I booked a cab a around 04:00 AM. After 15 minutes the driver expressed that he was unable to reach my Pick up point. Then i cancelled and booked another. This time the driver first of all said he was on Jessore Road. After 10 minutes, When I Phoned him, he said that he was at Airport ! He asked me to take another way. I rushed to NagerBazar and had to hire a private Taxi.
    on 08.10.2017, after availing my trip to College Street, i was asked to pay Rs. 47 more as unpaid. I am stunned that the driver expressed his inability and for that your concern charged me ?

    Today morning at around 04:30 AM, i once again booked a car. after 15 minutes, when i called the driver he said that he was coming. then suddenly he switched off his phone. Today I missed my train. Now I am shocked what to do in my next trip. I am a frequent user of your service.

  86. hanumandla RAJINIKANTH

    Sir my licence no.ts10100020150001543
    My prablum is owner car running my driving licence account another driver useid 15 days sir car no TS10UA3002
    Am camplant to lb nagar chinthalkunta hahaha Toyota uber office contact be is not the block my licence sir am use the another car login prablum sir pls help

  87. Arun sharma

    Uber cabs are soo poor
    I have booked uber and driver say i cant go
    If driver couldnot go then why uber booked my cab
    I have booked 6 times but all the time driver diver cancel my booking
    And that time i m very in need of cab
    Bcoz i have to reach for my exam
    Uber is so poor and bad
    Dont book the cab from uber
    Blood disgusting uber

  88. V.murugan

    I have charged touble the Amount
    Driver not bothered
    Chennai No uner support
    Useless service
    My trip value Rs 239 but driver charged Rs 507

    I have uber support team but no response till now



  89. MANOHAR K.R.

    Since Apri-2017 to September-2017 not getting bills/receipt to my e mail id.

    We request you to kindly send the same immediately to enable us to claim from our company.

    1. kapil customer Post author

      Hi Sreenivasulu,

      There is no contact number which uber has shared. You can write to them on support@uber.com

      Customer care team

  90. Sonu Kumar

    Uber Customer Care No. not working i m trying last 25 days uber provide very very poor and lower class service

  91. Umesh Chandra

    Please help. Mane booking ki thi 99 rs m aur mere se overcharge liya gaya 207 rs.plese help mi

  92. Umesh Chandra

    My last booking charj 99 rs but dubal charj pay 207 rs pay kiya Draivar ko aesa kyo hua please reply most

    1. kapil customer Post author

      Hi Umesh,

      Unfortunately, uber does not have customer care number. Please drop mail to support@uber.com and they will reply back.

      Customer care team

  93. Dinesh

    It.s very very bad he will take 177 rupees amount I will pay 427 it.s very worst uber y ru take extra amount give costmar care number

  94. Deepank tiwari

    Your driver was not picking up the phone and contineously rejecting it.that is why i had to cancel my trip and got charged
    Refund my money
    That was not my fault that was your driver’s fault

    1. kapil customer Post author

      Hi Mithilesh,

      We will recommend you to try again during late night when load on website is less.


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